2010 Striped Bass Tournament 1st Annual Results

Heaviest Striped Bass: 44.6 lb "Elizabeth" Owner: Bob Maier
Angler: Kenny Howard
2nd Heaviest Striped Bass: 40.4 lb "Windy" Owner: Jack Passie
Angler: Evian Blatt
3rd Heaviest Striped Bass: 40.2 lb "Afishionado" Owner: Mike DeSimone
Angler: Rob Parsons
Heaviest Blue Fish: 13.2 lb "Instigator" Owner: Steven DiBenedetto
Angler: Steven DiBenedetto

Three hundred anglers and 63 boats participated in the two-day event, with $10,000 in total prize money paid out.

Sponsors of the tournament included Suffolk Marine, White Water Outfitters, Steigercraft, Tsunami Tackle, Folsom Tackle, Shimano Tackle, Henry’s Tackle, Levinson Photography and Zeebaas.

Tournament Type: 

Striped Bass