2015 23rd Annual Mako, Thresher & Tuna Tournament Results

Heaviest Mako: 206 lbs
Sea Wife
Capt. Tom Cusimano
2nd Heaviest Mako: 173 lbs
Arc Angel
Capt. Eric Muller
3rd Heaviest Mako: 173 lbs
Reel Games
Capt. Steve Spatenga
Heaviest Thresher: 267 lbs
Joy Sea
Capt. Chuck Mallinson
2nd Heaviest Thresher: 168 lbs
Rock N Roll
Capt. Tom Carbowski
3rd Heaviest Thresher: 157 lbs
Scott Free
Capt. Scott Shapiro
Heaviest Tuna: 58 lbs
Capt. Kevin Graffagnino

Total Prize Money: $157,500 + Custom Trophies and Other Prizes
Total Entries: Number of Boats: 38
Number of Anglers: 228

Tournament Type: 

Mako Thresher