Winners Announced at 29th Annual Star Island Shark Tournament

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Star Island’s 29th annual Shark Tournament was held on June 19-20 at Star Island Yacht Club. One hundred eighteen boats took part in the two-day event. Fifty fish were caught during the tournament, including 23 Makos, 13 Blue Sharks, and 14 Threshers.
The biggest winner was Anthony Vaccaro, whose prize catch—a 470-pound Mako—aboard his boat White Water Marine, earned him honors for Heaviest Overall Shark, First Heaviest Mako, and Day Two, Heaviest Shark. The Second Heaviest Mako, at 349 pounds, was brought in by Bob Kirschbert aboard Rick Davies’ Over Spray. John Brunelle on his Lady Irene caught a 334-pound Mako, earning him Third Heaviest Mako honors.
The First Heaviest Blue Shark, at 221 pounds, was caught by Joe Mattiolo on Fred Ippolito’s Solivia Rose. There was a tie for Second Heaviest Blue Shark, as Chris Fallow aboard Scott Oster’s Isabetto and Randy Epright aboard Brinton Epright’s Pension Plan each snagged a 219-pound Blue Shark.
Robert Cerreda caught a 449-pound Thresher aboard Richard Aidinis’ My Buddy, earning him honors for Day One, Heaviest Shark and First Heaviest Other Shark. The Second Heaviest Other Shark was a 358-pound Thresher caught by John Dendas aboard Philip Luchini’s Mountaineer, and Gil Camm’s catch—a 292-pound Thresher—aboard Bill Curley’s Jakamo Two was awarded Third Heaviest Other Shark.