2010 Striped Bass Tournament 1st Annual Results

Heaviest Striped Bass: 44.6 lb "Elizabeth" Owner: Bob Maier
Angler: Kenny Howard
2nd Heaviest Striped Bass: 40.4 lb "Windy" Owner: Jack Passie
Angler: Evian Blatt
3rd Heaviest Striped Bass: 40.2 lb "Afishionado" Owner: Mike DeSimone
Angler: Rob Parsons
Heaviest Blue Fish: 13.2 lb "Instigator" Owner: Steven DiBenedetto
Angler: Steven DiBenedetto

Three hundred anglers and 63 boats participated in the two-day event, with $10,000 in total prize money paid out.

Sponsors of the tournament included Suffolk Marine, White Water Outfitters, Steigercraft, Tsunami Tackle, Folsom Tackle, Shimano Tackle, Henry’s Tackle, Levinson Photography and Zeebaas.