Redbone Tournament

Rules & Regulations

  1. All participants must acknowledge receipt of the rules by signing off on them at registration, or prior to the “blessing of the fleet” on day one..
  2. The fish must be measured, photographed with the measuring device and released to qualify for largest fish category and striped bass bonus points. Fish must be entered on score sheet at time of release to avoid disqualification. There must be one digital camera on every boat. Cell phones are acceptable.
  3. GFA rules and tackle specifications apply.
  4. No heavier that twenty (20) pound test line (Manufacturer’s Stated Test) may be used in all divisions..
    Only one (1) working rod per Angler is allowed in the water at any time. Only the Angler may cast and retrieve the rod in both divisions.
  6. Fly and Spin/Plug Divisions are artificial lure categories. Gulp or equivalent “scented bait” constitutes “bait” and is not considered artificial. No tipping is permitted. No chumming is permitted. In all divisions, only the Angler can cast, hook and fight the fish.
  7. All Anglers must be accompanied by a Licensed Guide approved by the Rules Committee. Licensed Captains or Guides may compete only with the approval of the Tournament Committee.
  8. Guides must sign out before departure each day and sign in upon returning regardless of catch.
  9. There must be two (2) Anglers on every participating boat. In the absence of a teammate or celebrity Angler, a substitute Angler will be appointed by the Tournament Committee. The Redbone tournaments are TEAM events. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, the Guide will encourage equal casting opportunities (bow time) to both teammates.
  10. Boats must depart from and return to Tournament Fishing Headquarters by water. No trailering. Anglers must fish from the SAME BOAT for both tournament days. The Tournament Committee will make an exception in case of mechanical difficulties or weather conditions that warrant a change. At the “Blessing of the Fleet” on Day 1, boats must depart in the order they are announced.
  11. Fishing hours will be announced at the Tournament Rules Meetings.
  12. All species must be a minimum of twenty (20) inches in length measured from the snout to the INSIDE FORK OF THE TAIL. Measuring gauges will be supplied to the Guides by the Rules Committee. Ties will be awarded to the Angler who catches the last fish first.
  13.  Grand Champion is based on most accumulated points after the catch of at least one Nor’east Grand Slam (striper, bluefish, false albacore). In the event no Grand Slam is caught, Grand Champion will be based on most accumulated points representing most species.
  14. The Rules Committee will make any weather decisions. All decisions of the Rules Committee are final.
  15. The penalty for any violation of the rules is NO POINTS for the day. All protests must be in writing and signed. They must be presented to the Rules Committee by 5:30 pm the day of the violation.
TOURNAMENT RULES - Release Points will be awarded as follows:
FLY 100 200 200
SPIN/PLUG 50 100 100
Bonus Points for SLAM 200
Each Striped Bass over 36” 100 points